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The product designer is in charge of the entire process of creating products and usable experiences of starting with defining the problems of the people and thinking about their possible solutions.

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From Industrial designing to designing kiosks and finding solutions is what we do best, whether it’s problem solving, inventing, creating, finding the next-gen product, or cost reduction. We offer a plethora of well-structured courses to make you ready for a career in the world of creativity

A product designer needs a unique toolbox to do their jobs, spacing from the “artery” to the “techie” aspects of the role. They obviously must be creative, but they also must be effective communicators and storytellers to explain their videos for the product design.

Product designers are well versed in multiple areas of design and have to overseas the full lifespan of a product: they must understand the business objective, know the budget and seek to identity and address problems with the product. they focus on user experience, technical design, marketing, and more. and of course, they have to stick to a strict time frame.

Building out a product design skillset not only immerses in the tolls they will use once they get a job. It also gives them countless opportunities to practice and become using them. And once a certain level of mastery is achieved, there’s no shortage of opportunities to par those skills into action in the real world before getting a paycheck by helping cash-strapped startups leading those talents to a nonprofit or great case.


Our experience, expertise, and passion for design and engineering deliver products that solve market needs, minimize manufacturing costs, are safe and reliable – and thrill end users.


Mallikarjun works with client from briefing stage to pilot production and tooling assistance. Throughout the idealization and concept development cycle, we closely interact with various relevant department of our client, to provide faster, simpler and feasible innovations


Over the years we have developed experts in providing manufacture-ready innovative design solutions.Industry certifications will be provided which helps you in upgrading your portfolio in the designing industry

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Mallik (in short) is a great entrepreneur. We worked together at Dover. He used to take up challenges and close them easily. His product development skill is really unmatchable. He is on his own now and I always wish him great success!!!!!
Badari BG
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Mallikarjun is a hard working individual who is driven and very dependable in delivering his work. He also has a pleasant demeanor and professional in his customer relations. Mallikarjun has definitely been an asset to Harita TVS and is now continuing his valuable knowledge with KPIT Infosystems.
Marsha Spannagel
0 (1)
It was my privilege to kick start my career under Mallikarjun Ingalagi, he is one of the most knowledgeable and organized people as a project lead. I was greatly impressed by his skills of managing the toughest clients with ultimate composure, the way he used to manage the resources in a very efficient manner, and his well-structured way of solving problems automatically improved the performance of the team
Shreyas Nirgund
WhatsApp Image 2021-04-21 at 12.24.14 AM
I worked on the same project under Mallikarjun sir in the Skanray organization. He is one of my good Mentor and I learned from him how to manage any situation smartly without pressure by seeing him. He is good in project management skills and he knows how to balance work-life accurately. He is also good at Concept design and Product design. Overall he is one of the genuine people with all potential capabilities to manage the project as well as life.
Anand Ramakrishnan
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